eFiling Guidelines

Some basic guidelines to remember when using the Stow Municipal Court eFiling System:

To register as an eFiler:
1. Click on the “SEARCH RECORDS” tab.
2. Click on the “Electronic Filing Registration Link” on the left side of the screen.
3. Follow the prompts.

For returning users:
1. Click on the “SEARCH RECORDS” tab.
2. Click on the “Log on” button on the top right corner of the screen.
3. Enter your User Name (your email address) and your password.
4. Follow the prompts.


· The top page of an uploaded Complaint MUST be the first page of the complaint, not a cover letter, instructions, etc. The first page will receive an electronic timestamp which contains the case number, along with the date and time the filing was received.

· When filing a Motion and Order, the Motion must be uploaded as a .pdf, and the Order must be uploaded as a manipulable .doc (Word document). Please personalize the blank template we have provided on the eFiling portal.

· A convenience fee of 4.0% will be assessed on each filing.

· If you would like to add email recipients for notifications, you can do so by logging into your account and adding them under “Alternate Email Addresses” or by sending us an email at civil@stowmunicourt.com.

· Reminder – Court Rule 7, section 16 states:

(16) Privacy:

(a) Filing parties shall omit or, where inclusion is necessary, partially redact the following personal data identifiers from all pleadings, documents and exhibits, whether filed electronically or on paper, unless the assigned judge orders otherwise:

• Social security numbers except for the last four digits;
• Financial account numbers, including but not limited to debit card, charge card, and credit card numbers;
• Employer and Employee identification numbers;
• A juvenile’s name in an abuse, neglect, or dependency case, except for the juvenile’s initials or a generic abbreviation such as “CV: for “child victim”;
• Proprietary or trade secret information.

(b) With permission of the Court, a party may file, under seal, a document containing the un-redacted personal data identifiers listed above.

(1) The party seeking to file an un-redacted document shall electronically file a motion to file the document under seal.
(2) In granting the motion or application to seal, the assigned judge may require the party to file a redacted copy for the public record.

(c) The responsibility for redacting personal data identifiers (i.e., social security numbers and bank/credit card numbers) rests solely with the filing party.

(d) The Clerk’s Office will not review the documents for compliance with this rule or redact documents, whether filed electronically or on paper.

· If you have any questions regarding eFiling, please contact Angie or Susan at 330-564-4200.